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We’re serving breakfast till 16:00  !

We invite you for delicious breakfasts in the center of Krakow – two steps from the main square   

Breakfast – according to the Polish Language Dictionary, is just „the first meal of the day”. According to diplomats? Formal reception, usually around noon. According to nutrition experts? The most important meal of the day.

What do we think?

In our opinion, it is all this and much more. It is – above all – a celebration of life and another beautiful day that awaits us! It is a meeting with friends after a long night, it is the welcome of a new week or the closing of an old one, it is a date, the beginning of important negotiations or a moment of tender and peaceful solitude in the tornado of everyday life.

That’s why we knew from the very beginning that „there must be breakfast!” As veterans of the Krakow morning scene, we had a pretty good idea of ​​when and how to serve them – we want to share it with you.

We serve our morning delicacies during the week from Tuesday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. – so that everyone can enjoy them. On weekends, when we sometimes need more sleep, we invite you for eggs Benedict until 3 p.m., so that their curative and well-known effects can be enjoyed by everyone.

Let’s dwell on them for a moment – because after extensive public consultations, we have recognized them and their vegetarian, Florentine siblings as something that will constitute the basis and pride of our menu.

They come from New York, in the 19th century, and the details of their creation are as murky and complicated as the history of the Přemyslid dynasty. Nevertheless, they are a breakfast classic, a staple, a base – let’s see how many components they have.

There are two perfectly cooked, liquid inside, poached eggs. There is muslin hollandaise sauce, wrapping them in a warm blanket. We also have delicious, crispy bacon and a thick slice of local bread, which Poland is famous for. Can there be anything better?

Well, maybe, for example, eggs Benedict with good coffee, which we slightly refer to the tradition of „coffee for one zloty”, slightly modernizing it.

Are you saying it’s a calorie bomb? Do you prefer something lighter, more delicate, more fit? So you might be tempted to try our home-made granola, made on-site at Gołębia 6.

We serve it with good natural yogurt, peanut butter, seasonal fruit and mint – such a set will certainly make everyone feel better not only about themselves, but also about the world around us, it is a real hug in a bowl – especially if they are experienced in good mood, we will pair it with a glass of prosecco, after all, as we know, „alcohol drunk in moderation is not harmful even in the largest quantities.”

We could continue describing our food here in a truly Makłowicz style – slightly pompous, slightly mocking, slightly over-stylized… But why? Come to us and see for yourself. We spent years in Krakow’s venues with the intention of creating something of our own, a place we could be proud of, where we could invite friends, families and partners. Where we will be able to serve our favorite classics and our own innovative ideas with a smile.


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